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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Is Couture?

Is it thinking outside the box with fashion?

Is it fancy feathers that ruffle your rump?

Is it vintage fashion at its best?

Is it big amazing dresses for royalty?

Is it fashions only imagined in our dreams?

Nay Nay I say....
True, the meaning of couture is in a nutshell high-end fashion that is custome made by clothing designers for certain individuals who can afford such a thing, you know, the kind of stuff you cannot find in just any ole store, nor would you want to touch, in fear of a $1000 bead popping off. Now granted I am not saying anything negative in any way beacause couture is an artwork to be admired by and inspired by, simply because it is beautiful and rare.
When coming up with the name for my business, couture made its way in there, because I believe we can have it for our homes!! Now I know I am not a clothing designer, but I am a furniture desinger and I believe it to be just as fashionable as the clothing world. I believe we can have beautiful custom hand made things that adorn the most precious place... our homes!!
Now when you look at these next pictures I want you to see how couture is not just fancy dresses, it is also how you customize your home with furniture and accessories that express who you are as a person. These homes are not following any trends or fashions they simply have character that expresses their owner... therefore they become timeless and they become the trends to follow.
Amazing color!!
monochromatic done right!

Knowing who you are!!

Beauty is simple yet detailed

Calm and casual comfort with a killer bed

Put a little couture in your decor. Why, you ask?
Because you can!!! And because I will!!
HA HA.. I Love what I do!

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