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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's HOT people!!

OK I have been totally infatuated with something for awhile now, so much that I wonder what the hec I can do with it next. I have used it in countless designs for clients, on furniture and in little nooks and crannies. The only thing that I have not done with it yet is drape myself in it ( which I am sure if there was some way to do that I so totally would.) Have any idea what it may be???


Yes can you believe it... We are not talking about your grandmas 1950's rendition of the stuff, I am talking damasks, brocades, floral bouquets, and skulls and cross bones. If you play your cards right these papers are timeless and very classy and will definitely stand the test of time. They can be a small investment but the statement is WOW!! No wait... FREAKIN KILLER!!

Here are some of my favorites:

I love this against this color of blue!!

Black and white always looks amazing

This is one of my new found favorites, it comes in a variety of colors, it would be so great applied in a boys room and it has been shown in a bathroom in the colors of pink and a powdered blue.

The forever favorite color of a girl. Pink!!

This has to be my favorite application, I love how they accentuated the curved wall up onto the ceiling. It is just beautiful. I always tell my clients to not forget their ceilings, I think they are just as important as any of the four walls in a room ( it is the fifth wall everyone seems to float on past.)

This design is one of the most popular and comes in a variety of colors as well and they all look fantastic. You can see the red above and the black and white are the same design.

More pink what can I say.

I love this neutral color with the foil backing, (one of the very few foil backed papers I love) it makes the light bounce and dance around the room. Paired with the freshness of white and the rustic look of wood and whola, you get a fresh crisp room that is to dye for!!
I will be posting at a later date of all the applications that I have personally done with this crazy stuff that covers your walls so beautifully so stay tuned for that. For now have fun letting your mind run crazy with the possibilities of flocked wallpaper... you know you will!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I just wanted to inform everyone that due to the unbelievably crazy month there will be no featured products for the month of August. I just simply did not have enough time to create what I wanted to for you all. I have learned over the years that I have been in business that when craziness comes some things just have to take the back seat, and out of the long list of things in my life that usually means it is my business. What can I say, my family comes first and I am proud of that!! I never really got that concept before as I was always juggling between family and my business, trying desparately to find a balance between the two, but since the past year it has really clicked for me, there is no such thing as owning your own business and having a balance between that and family. I always wanted to grow my business and become a huge phenomenon, and share my style with the world... who doesn't when they create a business that they believe in, but I have realized that it is not really important right now in my life...being a mom is. As seeing my children grow up and as fast as that happens I made the decision that when time is tight and the stresses of the world come into play that time will always belong to my family. I cannot tell you what peace this gives me in my life in knowing that I have control over my business and not that my business has control over me. It gives me no greater joy than to spend that extra time with my children....I LOVE IT!! So therefore may you all have a better understanding of where I am coming from and although I love what I do and creating and designing it will never be as important as looking into my childrens eyes and seeing the happiness in them when they know they have a mother that is always there for them. I am still doing what I love, just at a much slower pace, so thank you all for your patience and understanding, because heaven knows many of you out there deal with the same issue.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monochromatic Bliss

All right all my peeps, today I wanted to talk about the wonderful world of a monochromatic design scheme. Now I know your probably thinking, "What the hey, Shayce is so colorful in her designs, why on earth would she be talking about monochromatic design?" Well I will tell you why.... monochromatic does not just mean your beige, whites, and creams.... no no no.... their is a whole world of monochromatic that is very colorful. It can be a combination of one main color with touches of one or two more colors as accents. When monochromatic is done right, it is like living in a world darn near close to heaven. So here is what I got for ya all...

Lavender is front and center in this one with the accents of the killer guilded mirror and a slate bluish grey.

Blue, but not just any blue, the perfect blue.. with accents of white and the greenery from the plants.

I love this, it is character exposed in a small space. I'll tell you why, the lines on the sofa...superb, the color put on the sofa...bold, the animal skin laid on the painted wood floors...daring, the stack of books...intelligent. The main color is white with accents of black and gold...fabulous.

Just open the doors and let me run inside!!! I want to park my rear on that chaise and be queen for a day sipping my tea and eating cakes, and a few servants would be nice and.... ok I know I am rambling.
Green with touches of pink and blue. I never get tired of staring at this because it is what I preach to my clients again and again, different textures, different furniture pieces, mismatched patterns. Although the wood floors and architectural features do a hec of a lot in this space.

I had to throw in a white one, in this one I love all the old chippy pieces they add the second color with thier underlying wood tone.

The textures in this room never end, you gotta love that!! A croc covered!! Ok obviously black and white with touches of yellow... so bold.

This one leaves me wanting to see more, it is so casual and comfortable but with classic vintage style. Cream with touches of blue and white.

White with touches of grey and gold, oh my!! This room is soo simple yet so gravitating, I love that.

Ok so when doing a monochromatic scheme in a room, remember that color choice is everything, not just the three colors that you choose but the tones of them as well, be very very careful about that. Also don't be afraid of choosing some bold colors, as you have seen they work beautifully, just as well as the whites and beiges. Also if you notice that in every picture above except for one, there is a chandelier, if you are not on the chandelier boat please get on..and fast!! There is nothing like a chandelier to ground the whole room (even though the place for it is hung on the ceiling..ha ha ha, design humor, it will get ya everytime, I know I'll stop) and give at a purpose.

Here are a few of my hot monochromatic sheme choices:

charcoal, with touches of white and turquoise

white, with touches of a greyed off lavender and gold

antique pink, with touches of charcoal and green

black , with touches of white, antique gold and pink


Monday, August 2, 2010


Just wanted to wish the winners of my giveaway on Whippy Cake's Blog just this last week a great big congradulations and I hope you enjoy the winnings, Jourdan and Jessi
Here is what they walked away with...

One of my curvy branch ball topiaries that is a $45 value along with a coupon for 30% off her total purchase on my website.

Then the other prize was a set of my vintage books also a $45 value along with a $30 off a purchase under $150, or $50 off a purchase over $200 on my website.

I hope everyone that participated had a great time and I hope all of you have checked out Whippy Cake's new website because it rocks!!