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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I just wanted to inform everyone that due to the unbelievably crazy month there will be no featured products for the month of August. I just simply did not have enough time to create what I wanted to for you all. I have learned over the years that I have been in business that when craziness comes some things just have to take the back seat, and out of the long list of things in my life that usually means it is my business. What can I say, my family comes first and I am proud of that!! I never really got that concept before as I was always juggling between family and my business, trying desparately to find a balance between the two, but since the past year it has really clicked for me, there is no such thing as owning your own business and having a balance between that and family. I always wanted to grow my business and become a huge phenomenon, and share my style with the world... who doesn't when they create a business that they believe in, but I have realized that it is not really important right now in my life...being a mom is. As seeing my children grow up and as fast as that happens I made the decision that when time is tight and the stresses of the world come into play that time will always belong to my family. I cannot tell you what peace this gives me in my life in knowing that I have control over my business and not that my business has control over me. It gives me no greater joy than to spend that extra time with my children....I LOVE IT!! So therefore may you all have a better understanding of where I am coming from and although I love what I do and creating and designing it will never be as important as looking into my childrens eyes and seeing the happiness in them when they know they have a mother that is always there for them. I am still doing what I love, just at a much slower pace, so thank you all for your patience and understanding, because heaven knows many of you out there deal with the same issue.

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