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Friday, July 23, 2010

Fab Kitchens

So time flies when you have computer issues, it seems as if the whole world passes you by, since our whole world exists on the computer now. Anyways I am back and back with a vengance!!! Lately I have really been into rustic kitchens. The look is time worn brilliance in some cases, practical, a place that is inviting and looks like it is used and lived in, yet is captivating. The days of a modern sleek look has gone by the way side because any of these kitchens are by far so much more intriguing to the eye and leave me wanting to see more!! I have come across kitchens that are in my opinion just incredible. So I thought that I would show you all the pictures and list what and why I love each one!!

So here we go!!

I personally think there is no kitchen sink big enough in this world, so I absolutely love love this double sink application...take that kitchen sink making industry!! I'll take two please...or wait, maybe that is what they are trying to make us do...darn it! Kitchen sink industry, I will deal with you later!! For now brillant double sink idea!!

At this moment in time although this kitchen is beautiful, I really don't care, because the ceiling is freaking KILLER!! And topped off with the crystal chandelier A-MAZ-ING!! Killer element, it makes the whole room!!

I Love shelves in kitchens when it is done right, meaning no nic nacks people, there must be orgaization and a sence of practicality to it. This just makes me want to want to pour myself a cup of tea! I also love the big clear canisters on the butcher block counters.

Again, love the shelves with all white everyday use dishes stacked up on them with the detail of the distressed iron brackets standing out. And notice how there is at least three sets of shelves here. Going up the wall in this manner adds height to the room.

First of all the dish towl rack is awesome along side the whole distance of the island, it just needs some anthropology dish towels to make it fab. I love how they have taken an old piece of furniture and toped it off with butcher block.. yes can you believe it a touch of butcher block is hot and is very inexpensive. It is great for adding a rustic touch in your kitchen. Just don't let me catch any of you buying a portable island from ikea or walmart because it has a butcher block top on it. The touch of butcher block has to be applied correctly. I also love the touch of glass cloches with yummy confections under them. I am pretty sure if I had this in my kitchen they would spend most of their time empty due to the fact that I have an uncontrolable sugar craving and I am pretty sure my behind would grow to an unbelievable size that would not even fit through the kitchen door. Anyways one last thing in this kitchen, which is the stove, you gotta love it, it is an amazing piece!!

The kitchen island is a star in this kitchen, they used reclaimed wood to build this island. Topped off with marble and then placed on warm wood floors, leaves this kitchen looking beautiful!

This kitchen reminds me of an old European kitchen. It is so simple in design, yet so captivating and beautiful. The long skinny table paired with the perfect chairs is the focus of this kitchen. The old stove and the copper pans hanging above are just perfect.

Now this kitchen is a bit to modernized for me but you can't deny it's beauty. The baskets in the island to the shelving to the contrast of the black and white to the beams on the ceiling. It has just the right amount of rustic elements to make it shine!

I love the use of old reclaimed wood in this kitchen, on the island, for the pantry and to enclose the refrigerator. The wood floors have a coat of white on them, which is awesome because as it gets use they will soon look distressed. Most of all about this kitchen, I am really intrigued with the guy at the refrigerator, I am pretty sure I would like him to turn around and make me a sandwich!! Anyways on to the next kitchen!!

From the unfinished floors to the exposed wood beams to the industrial lighting above the island to the old refrigerator... it is just warm and comfortable.

Ok now even thought this kitchen has stainless steel appliances, countertops, and touches all over, there is soo much that counter acts all of that that leaves this kitchen stunning!!! The old wood floors, the brick walls, the herb garden in the window seal and growing in urns in the corner in a would tray, the guilded gold antique mirror and of course the chalkboard. WOW!!

This just looks like the beach side cottage retreat that I was pretty sure I was suppose to be at this summer, but instead I am still soaking up the horrid heat wave here in good 'ole Arizona. No but I do love everything about this kitchen, especially how all the white is off set by the distressed wood table.

Ok really? Is this really possible? Could this be real? If it is, I really really want to live here. Yes really I would gladly live in that pantry and be completely happy! The organization here leaves this kitchen or should I say pantry breath taking!
Really? I just can't get over this!!!


  1. ooo la la! these kitchens are very pretty. I'm working on a kitchen remodel so thanks for this inspiration!

  2. Thanks for the comment!! And good luck on the remodel!