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Friday, July 30, 2010

Project Done!!!

I can't beleive it, I finished a project for myself. Well maybe not quite for myself, it is for my children,but it still counts be cause they are in my house. So let me brief you quickly on how I came about this project. I have this sister-in-law, whose house I was at one day and she had these wooden plaques, each with her children's names on them and then there were all these little paper tags hanging off of these hooks. Can you guess what it was? A Chore Chart, ok seriously, all of us who are blessed to have little ones running around the house causing chaos where 'er they roam, know that them little ones must be tamed with, you guessed it CHORES!! It was such a bad word when I was a kid, yet the best word a parent has ever heard. How could I have let soo much time go by without a darn chore chart in my house, these things are heaven!! So I have to admit through this project I had developed resentment to my sister-in-law, heaven bless her sole, because my mind would not stop running with ideas on how to make these chore charts for my children, and no way on earth was this going to be a simple one day project. Darn my sister-in-law for the good idea!! So anyways I went with the approach that I was going to only use things around my house and workshop to make these chore charts and this is how they turned out!!

Here is my daughter's chore chart.
When her chores are all complete the tags are turned this way so it looks all cutsie.

I used all of my left over price tags from my products and had some major fun putting trinkets on one side of them.

I basically took a vintage mirror and popped it out of the frame, then I just used up some paper and other things I had on hand to adorn it.

I just had to place a good luck sign on Chloe's chart because heaven knows she needs all the luck she can get when she is handed a task...she is 3 and a half.

My son on the other hand is pretty efficient and ended up with pretty cool chore chart.

I really wanted to keep it as masculine as possible with a broze, gold, black and cream theme with a hint of red and blue. It is amazing at how "boy" it looks yet I got away with using quite a bit of glitter. Pretty sneaky huh!

I actually hand cut all of his tags because I couldn't find a shape I really liked for him.

I just love this tag with the buttons and safety pins!!

So this shows the front and back of the tags. On one side you have the chore and the other side you have the adornments.

So each and everyday we start out with the tags faced this way so they know exactly what chores they need to complete and when they are finished they get the greatest satisfaction of flipping them over so the decorative side shows. And they hang in our hallway with all of our family pictures and the perfect height for their little fingers to take all the action.

In this case it is showing that my daughter needs to get dressed and do her hair, and the next one is brush her teeth. The pictures are great so she knows exactly what to do since she can't yet read.

I was just sooo excited that I actually completed something that I just had to share it out of pure self satisfaction, I know silly huh, but anyways hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed watching my children have some responsibility....aahhh parenting is great sometimes!!!


  1. Only YOU could make a chore chart look this stinkin' cute!!! You are so incredibly talented Shayce! Keep posting....I love all the great ideas;)

  2. HI Em!! I was just thinking of you!! Thank you for the compliment and we need to get together for some much needed girl fun!!

  3. This is an amazing and brilliant idea! Love your blog, am adding it to my sidebar! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your comment Thespa!! And thank you for adding it to your blog, which I am sure to check out!!