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Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Different

Today I wanted to give you all my little know decorating secret. Ok well maybe it is not a secret, because I only practice what I preach in all my designing history. Time and time again I run across this problem. Do you see anything wrong in the following picutre.

First of all it is like sleeping in a coffin, not really my sort of gig, but once you get beyond that and the fact that it has more shaggy fur than any pet I have ever owned, do you see a pattern here? Black, black, black and yet again more black. Fur, fur and way too much fur, it is a bachelor pad gone terribly wrong, it really is just wrong. And the little dragons holding up the bed...Really? Ok so anyways my whole point of this photo is please and I beg of you please stop matching everything. I see two matching nightstands and a matching mirrored dresser, matching lamps on both sides of the bed. On a rare occasion there is a time and a place for matching, but trust me this aint it. My number one rule with all of my clients is to never and I repeat never buy matching furniture sets!!! If you don't have different textures and different pieces of furniture, is the room really that interesting? It becomes boring looking at the same piece day in and day out every direction you look. So sadly dreary!!

Now look at this picture from one of my favorite european designers

Full of textures, color, different lines. You simply just want to stare and take in all the elements. This is what I am talking about, this is a room that you will enjoy for many years. When you design your room, buy each piece because you absolutely love it and everytime you look at it, it makes you soo happy. This will help create a room with depth and best of all it will express you and who you are. Don't be afraid to be different and don't be afraid to express yourself through your furniture. This pictures is a prime example of that there really is no rules when it comes to designing (with an exeption of a few known no nos) but really when you look at this, somethings have no rhyme or reason, yet it just goes. For example look at the warm tone of brown of the fireplace and then you can see the black and white stripe lampshade. Yes this can be done, add a little bit of funk to your space, you will love it even more in the end.


  1. Those curtains and the settee are To DIE for!

  2. Way cute blog and website!~ Like your style chica!